Friday, February 26, 2010

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet Clarissa

I LOVED being pregnant. The belly, the kicks...the big boobs! I loved pregnancy so much that it inspired me to start Braelyn Bounty Bug. And starting today, we are going to begin highlighting some amazing mom-to-bes from around the world. After all, they deserve the attention…they’re giving the best gift one could give - LIFE!

So without further ado, please meet the GlaMOMorous Clarissa.

What is your due date? How far along are you?
Due Date is March 16th, 2010 but, I have big babies who don’t like to leave my womb so I am going in for a repeat C-section on March 9th so—that puts me at 32 weeks.

Did you have a hunch you were pregnant before you found out?
YES! I knew the night we conceived that I was pregnant as crazy and insane as that sounds! As soon as it was soon enough to know, I took a test {or 3} and they confirmed! I just knew…it was a gut feeling from the beginning—I also knew it was a girl right away.

What was your initial reaction to being pregnant?
Extreme delight! This is my 3rd child and I definitely wanted to have one more before I turned 30 years old. The baby is due in March and I turn 30 in June.

How did you tell your husband/partner?
I couldn’t keep it in once I knew so I just told him to hurry home because I had a surprise-I went to the store and had bought a onesie that said “Daddy’s Girl” and put that along with the pregnancy test that said “Pregnant” on his desk.

Did your husband/partner react in any certain way?
He said “No way!” in disbelief that I was right from the get-go {the conception night} he literally made me get the kids in the car and we headed to Target to get another test so he could see the beginning to the end of the testing—and the result! LOL I was a tad bit upset to be honest but, once the shock wore off for him he was excited and called everyone.

Can you describe the moment you saw your baby for the first time during the ultrasound?
Just excitement—pure joy. They are so funky looking at first but, I knew that little pea would look cute eventually. The heartbeat flickering on the screen was the best.

How do you feel about your changing body?
I am loving it this time around. Like I said, I know that this is my last child so, I have embraced the belly. I have taken a picture of the tummy weekly since about 17 weeks.

What do you love most about being pregnant?
The “glow’ that you know you have. After the initial morning sickness goes away I always feel like my skin looks great and I am always smiling. Just the joys of knowing there is a tiny person fluttering around in your belly is amazing.

Do you have any odd or different cravings?
CAKE! My oldest child is a girl and I was the same with her—craved cake all the time! It’s not really odd but, it’s funny.

Do you or did you have morning sickness? If so, what have you found to calm your morning sickness?
I had terrible nausea which was sadly better than previous pregnancies for me. I had my head in the toilet for 3 months straight with my son so just the nausea this time around was way better. I found that Ginger Snap Cookies did the trick for me and also eating small snacks all day long.

Do you know the gender of your baby? If so, have you chosen a name?
We know it’s a GIRL! We actually had the ultrasound done after we had done one of those at home gender tests and the gender test said it was a girl so then the ultrasound was just a confirmation. We have chosen a name-we were most excited about picking a name.

Is there a special story behind the name?
We are naming our baby girl Suriyah Frances. Suriyah was the name of my husbands great grandmother and Frances was the name of my great grandmother. We wanted a very traditional Arabic name for a girl.

What are some necessities you would suggest to other pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant? Any creative alternatives to maternity clothes?
I always had an easy time getting pregnant. I thank God for that blessing. I really think that when you are ready, you will get pregnant and you have to just trust that it is in God’s hands. I have to admit that I don’t own very much maternity clothing at all. I own maternity jeans and wear lots of tank tops underneath slightly larger tops than I usually wear. The styles now are way more forgiving for pregnant moms and are roomy and longer making it easy to wear with a bump.

Does the thought of labor make you nervous?
I am having a planned C-section but, I do think of the chance that I will have to go through natural child birth and in all honesty, I am frightened of that!

Have you chosen to get the H1N1 vaccination?
I did! My doctor told me that another patient of his who is expecting got sick with the virus and she had the baby 10 weeks early and was in the hospital on a respirator for weeks. I couldn’t imagine taking that risk.

Anything else you would like to add?
As stressful and crazy as any one pregnancy can be, I think that the end result is always worth it. If you have never had a child before just know that in the end, when that little person is in your arms it is just the beginning of one of the most beautiful relationships in your lifetime. You will now know what true unconditional love is-and it’s amazing.

If you or someone you know would like to be spotlighted on the GlaMOMorous World Blog, please contact us at sales (at) braelynbountybug (dot) com. Each expecting lady highlighted will receive a FREE Tot Tag of their choice.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Special

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