Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st Market of 2010

As we all know, it’s the beginning of 2010 and visions of success have been dancing around my head. A small girl with big plans, I’m a little nervous today. You see, today is the first day of our first market of the year. That’s right…the Gift Market at AmericasMart in Atlanta opens up today. I look at this Show to give me an idea of what the market will look like this year, but most importantly, how we will be accepted.

So….as my 1 year old has escaped my office with my Blackberry, I am not only anxious to see what the sales of the first day of the year will look like, I’m worried that some of my many contacts are currently being deleted or that a retailer or showroom will call and my son will answer with a “uce, uce” (juice, juice) or a “bye, bye”.

Here’s to 2010!

Go ahead…Make my Market!

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