Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jumpin' July

Wahooo!!! July has been such an exciting month! And I’m full of excitement as I anticipate the events that are to take place in the next two weeks. My sister is getting married this next weekend and as the matron of honor, mother of the ring bearer and complimentary wedding planner, I have many duties to fulfill in the days ahead. On a business note, I’ll be leaving for San Diego, California, after the wedding to preview my products at a trunk show at Dress for the Nines ( (Wish I could say that I was taking the Braelyn Bounty Bug jet, but that is many, many Prego Planners and lottery tickets away ;o) I also hope to be giving a sneak peak of our new product expected to launch in the fall. Oh! And I’ll be giving away a very chic Hot Mama Gown – the alternative to the generic hospital gown ( during the show. So if you’re in the San Diego area, please drop by and see me on Thursday, July 16, from noon till 2:00 p.m. Not going to lie, San Diego is one of my MOST favorite places to visit so I’m mixing in a much needed vacay and maybe a little L.A.! Yes, I’ll be sure to send pictures ;o)

Our story in Life In Chenal magazine came out this month too. It is a fantastic article! If you have access to a place that offers Life In Chenal, please pick up a copy and read what we’re about…all that and a bag of chips…and some oreos.

The Prego Planner is featured as part of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine’s July Celebrity Mock Basket Giveaway. If you’re prego or know someone who is, be sure to pick up an issue and register to win. There is some major swag to be given away!

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