Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prego Planner Trunk Show

I’m a big city girl at heart…I prefer concrete over woods (there are a lot less bugs and snakes, but more importantly…better shopping). I get a “high” from tall buildings and busy interstates. I was 12 years old when I decided that, as soon as I had the chance, I wanted to move to Dallas, Texas. Dallas is big city coming from a hometown with a population of less than 25,000. So after I completed my 4 year, turned 5 year, bachelor’s degree plan of college, I moved to Dallas. I vividly remember telling my parents as we were returning the Uhaul truck, “Mom. Dad. I am finally home!” However, that is before I discovered San Diego, California.

Seven years ago, my husband introduced me to sunny San Diego and it was love at first sight. Matter of fact, I cried when we left. The weather – perfect! The food – delicious! The shopping – magnificent! The ocean – beautiful! The atmosphere – paradisiacal!

We have returned to San Diego nearly every year since and I still cry every time we leave. So when Dress for the Nines ( invited me to have a trunk show in their new store, I jumped at the chance!

On Thursday, July 16, I hopped in my Enterprise full size rental car - complete with large cigarette burns and smoked filled seats - and headed off to this adorable little boutique in Hillcrest, San Diego. Bobbing and weaving traffic, I wanted the rest of the drivers to believe I was a true San Diegoan. And by the time I had arrived to Dress for the Nines, I had convinced myself that I was.

Allison Andrews, co-owner of Dress for the Nines, greeted me at the door with a most welcoming smile and vibrant personality. As I set up my table, I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as a mompreneur…Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah. Here comes the hotstepper! I looked towards the front of the store and saw my products proudly displayed in the window of a beautiful shop in the city I most desire to call home. A sign in front of the store noted the week’s events and Prego Planner was at the top of the list. Wow! All of my hard work beginning to pay off! Sitting on Cloud 9, I left the stratosphere when I looked back towards the display table and saw my new and upcoming product displayed for the first time. And not only was I showcasing our never before seen product, I was privileged to be giving away a new, 100% organic, made in the USA – Hot Mama Gown (

The trunk show lasted from noon -2 p.m. and every minute was thoroughly enjoyed! Inspired by pregnancy, it was such a delight to watch bumps of all sizes and shapes and hormones of all levels walk through the doors. After the show, I zoomed back to the hotel to meet up with my hubby and we began our trunk show celebration "pregnancy style" by splitting a red velvet cupcake at Heavenly Cupcakes followed by a giant hot dog, popcorn and peanuts at the Padres game.

Being my first trunk show, I learned an amazing amount of tid bits to take with me through the planning and preparation of our next trunk show and business in general. Motivated from the trunk show and a week in San Diego, I’m ready to take the maternity world by storm – I can see the lightning now! No wait! That’s the paparazzi!!

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