Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tossed to the Floorboard

It’s been a very long time since I have tended to the GlaMOMorous World Blog. Poor thing, it has definitely been tossed to the floorboard of the third row seat. And in the famous words of my husband, “Excuses don’t explain and explanations don’t excuse.” However, I must get my ten (not two) cents in. It’s one of those things where business gets to going really great and you become so excessively busy that you loose track of your priorities. Busyness fills your days and soon you’re working until 1:00 am and pushing the envelope of becoming emotionally and physically drained. Then the in-laws visit for a couple of weeks…and before you know it…what started with tenacious drive (that’s for you honey ;o) has driven you to exhaustion.

So after a little break and some daylight savings, I’m getting a fresh start to this wife, mother, cleaning lady, diaper lady, laundry lady, lunch lady, taxi lady, business lady, blog, facebook, twitter, marketing, graphic designer, accountant, sales rep, public relations director thing. And as part of successfully fulfilling all of those positions, I decided that I will definitely feel more tenacious (for you again honey ;o) if I rise earlier in the mornings, shower and get fully dressed with a complete face of make-up and tamed hair. That being said, I have waited for a special occasion to wear this little v-neck purple jewel-toned shirt, but since date nights are few and far between, I decided to get some use out of it and wear it to “the office”. Before my coffee even had a chance to “add a special touch” to my shirt, my 1 year old co-worker had accessorized the left shoulder with snooty and my right shoulder with sticky fingerprints of honeydew melon. (As my mother used to say, “Can’t I keep anything nice around here?!”) Oh, the amazingly and wonderfully dog-tired world of a Work At Home Mompreneur…I wouldn’t trade it for the world ;o)

So, as I dust off the GlaMOMorous World Blog and nurture her back to her original beauty, I hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store. As a part of my 2010 Marketing Plan, the GlaMOMorous World Blog will take a new turn. Praying for its success, I am very excited! Stick around…I hope to make YOU a part of it!

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