Monday, June 15, 2009

Holiday Road – Part 1

I know, I know. No posts in over a week. But I have a good excuse – God sent me on a trip “about” a lifetime. The events that have happened in the past week and a half have put a new perspective on life for me as a wife, mom, sister, daughter, family member and small business owner.

My trip “about” a lifetime all started on Wednesday, June 3 at 9:00 p.m. My handsome hubby, two beautiful boys and myself loaded up in the car for a National Lampoon’s Vacation – a near cross-country drive to North Carolina. Not being one for road trips, I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this “adventure”. BUT, it was a surprise for my husband’s grandmother who was turning 90 and we all wanted to be there.

About 10 hours into the drive I recalled the wise words of Clark Griswold, “THIS IS CRAZY! THIS IS CRAZY! THIS IS CRAZY!” My bottom was numb, the music on my iPod had become redundant, I had played “Where’s the Alphabet” by myself too many times to count, and I was stuck in the Rocky Mountains with no Starbucks in sight. The aforementioned conditions led me to become the “World’s Most Miserable Traveling Partner EVER” with five more hours to go. The only upside I could find was that Aunt Edna wasn’t in my back seat and Dinky wasn’t attached to my back fender.

Finally, after a 15 hour drive, we arrived at my sister-in-law’s home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At that very moment, I had complete compassion for the way Clark Griswold reacted when he discovered that Wally World was closed. Praise the Lord that I wasn’t greeted by Marty Moose and a closed amusement park!

After a cat nap intended to help me regroup, I came across a motherly eye-opener on my sister-in-law’s refrigerator. For the better, it completely changed my “Life as Mom” as I knew it. I hope you will take a read with me on my next post – it’s sure to change your “Life as Mom” as well.

(Video Source: YouTube Videos by CappyNJ)

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