Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holiday Road - Part 3

Okay, so I know you are wondering where in the world I have been. The truth is, I don’t know! Let’s see, my sister is getting married in less than two weeks. That being said, I vow to never offer free wedding planning services again. Braelyn Bounty Bug is keeping me on my toes – trunk show on the 16th in San Diego, high hopes of new line to launch in the fall, great response to recent media exposure and so much more. Friends are having babies and adopting babies. Summer is here and I can’t let my boys go a single day without hoping that they think it was the “best day of their life”! To top it off, I have been participating in a “Kick Your Butt Camp” (aka “Boot Camp”) at my gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 5:45. Whew! I’m exhausted!

Now that I have let the excitement build for over a week, let’s continue with the next life lesson learned on Holiday Road. As previously mentioned, the entire trip was to be built around my husband’s grandmother, Frances, who was turning 90. That Friday night, she was surprised with a private and personal square dancing lesson in which we all partook in the “groove”. Being raised in the “Snoop Dog Era”, I wasn’t too up on my square dancing moves, but it didn’t take me long to catch on…and surprisingly have a great time!

Saturday was the big 90th birthday surprise shindig and my mother-in-law had asked me to write a poem about Frances to be read at the party. As I considered it a privilege, the weight of choosing the right words was heavy. However, God easily guided me and the perfect words filled my paper.

There is a special lady
Who we all know
Sitting here like a present
All she needs is a bow.

Wrapped in strength and honor
Filled with wisdom inside
A gift from our LORD in heaven
In whom he takes much pride.

A warm conversation
You wouldn’t want to miss
Her soft and gentle touch
Is like an angel’s kiss

Her children arise
And daily call her blessed
90 years of life
Has graced our special guest

So Happy Birthday Frances
Today we hope you dance
And know deep down in your heart
It is OUR lives you have enhanced.

With the poem completed, there I was left wondering once again – “What would MY poem say?” Only this time, it wasn’t a poem written by my children. It was a poem written by extended family, friends, acquaintances and business associates. Would it mention the LORD? Do they see the LORD through me? Do they enjoy conversations spent with me? Or am I too busy with my own agenda to have meaningful conversations? “Heather, what are you bringing to the table that MATTERS?”

Frances has lived in North Carolina for two years and in attendance were over 50 friends and family. What a profound statement to have gained that many friendships in such a short period. How many people would show up for my party? Would there be 50 people who felt I was deserving of their time? Would there be 50 people whose life had been enhanced by just knowing me?

What does your poem say? How many people will be square dancing at your party? Don’t you think it’s time to give that old story a new twist?

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