Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love and Twinkle

Christmas music playing softly in the background, coffee brewing, apple cider on the stove top, monkey bread baking in the oven, and the tree loaded down with a trail of presents that Santa left behind. I was the last to bed and the first to rise…anticipating the look and words of my 3 year old when he first saw what Santa was able to shove down the chimney.

Nearly 30 minutes later as I strolled through the house making sure everything was perfectly in place, the family began to arise and arrive. Not only was my 3 year old thrilled at the sight of what Santa had left behind, but to my surprise, my 1 year old was just as excited. As family continued to arrive Christmas morning and the packages multiplied, I realized that I could never be more blessed than I was at that very moment.

I was very proud of Santa this year for being creative with his (her) selection and not falling for the “toy of the year” gimmick. You know…the one where they only allow ONE per customer because they are in such high demand. Nope…didn’t even give it a second thought. (Though as a Mompreneur, I will confess my jealousy of those who are able to create and market a product that becomes the “hot and most wanted” item of the season.)

As all of Santa’s gifts had been opened and they boys had moved on to the gifts from their amazing and gracious grandparents, I suddenly noticed a hamster scrambling across the piles of wrapping paper on our living room floor! Quick – someone grab a net and catch that critter that is mooing at me like a cow and crowing like a rooster! Wait…that’s not what I think it is…is it? Oh no! There goes another…and he just honked at me as if I had cut him off in the middle of 5:00 pm Friday traffic! It couldn’t be. Not a Zhu Zhu Pet…and not TWO Zhu Zhu pets. Not in my home! But it was true. There was a loving grandmother in the house who made sure that her grandsons had the most wanted and most popular gift of the season.

So while Love, Twinkle (our Zhu Zhus) and the boys are catching a nap, I am making a slight change to my list of the “Top Five People I Would Like To Interview”. And moving in at #5 is…(drum roll please……) The Makers of the Zhu Zhu Pet. As a Mompreneur, I know what you mean when you say, “I have a great idea and I want to take it to market.” But tell me Mr. Zhu Zhu, how in the world were you able to market a hamster that moos, crows, honks and snores into being the most wanted gift of the season? I am honest to goodness happy for your success (and yes…a little jealous), but would you mind to tell me who does your marketing team consist of and do you mind if I borrow them? I know they could do wonders for the Prego Planner!

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