Thursday, December 31, 2009

@FutureMama Loves Her Prego Planner

The entrepreneurs and business leaders of today have been convinced that social media is a “must” when growing their business. Therefore, the Prego Planner has a Facebook page and we can also be found on Twitter (BountyBug). And though I’m still in the process of mastering LinkedIn, I know I will get there sooner or later.

Out of the three listed above, I find Twitter to be the most interesting. I love how you can make some really wonderful and interesting “cyber friends” via Twitter. And before you know it, you know more about the lives of your cyber friends than you do about the lives of your very own neighbor living right next door.

One of the very first people I started following on Twitter was @FutureMama. Though under a different name when I began following her, I immediately fell in love with her tweets and blog posts concerning her thoughts, fears and desires of one day becoming an expectant mother. In October 2009, @FutureMama became pregnant and you can follow her very wonderful, popular, transparent, and honest voyage of pregnancy at

If you visit her blog today, you will see that @FutureMama is a BIG fan of the Prego Planner with nothing but amazing things to say…such as, “I literally squealed when I got it.” She is also giving her readers a chance to win a Prego Planner of their choice. The contest ends tomorrow on January 1, 2010 (Wow…did I just type the year 2010?) so hurry on over and join the journey with @FutureMama and her sweet Spawnie. See more at

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