Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 Minutes of Mompreneur Fame

I randomly and recently read an article on Meg Ryan. It went a little something like this:

I'm sitting at a patio table in the restaurant of the shabby-chic Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, surrounded by palm trees and tropical foliage, an urn of coffee steaming in front of me, waiting for Meg Ryan to join me for lunch. It is sunny and a little bit cold out here, and the couple at the next table are excitedly talking about which celebrities they've spotted. They saw Lindsay Lohan earlier. Can't wait to see how they react when Meg arrives….

I scan the patio again. Nope, still no Meg. My phone rings. It's Meg's manager. Meg, she tells me, has been waiting inside for 10 minutes--the same amount of time I've been outside…

… She is tall, about 5 foot 8, thin, and looks at least a decade younger than her 45 years. Her lithe body is draped in black yoga pants and a loose-fitting zip-up black sweatshirt, and she wears not a speck of makeup on her pretty, youthful face. Her famously disheveled hair, so often cut short for movies, has grown in cascading layers to below her shoulders, but is still styled in a splendidly calculated mess. "I'm a little out of practice at this interview thing," she tells me. "It's been a while." (Source:, Picture Source:

So when I received the call from Life In Chenal Magazine, a local publication distributed in Little Rock, stating that they wanted to do a story on me as a mompreneur for their June issue, I immediately began daydreaming about how the article might read. It went a little something like this:

I’m sitting at a patio table at the over-priced Starbucks on Highway 10 and Sam Peck Rd in West Little Rock, surrounded by shiny black concrete and busy retail stores, a tall skinny vanilla latte steaming in front of me, waiting for Heather Patterson to join me for breakfast.

It is sunny and quite humid as the weather in the south tends to be. The couple at the next table are excitedly talking about their dear friend who just discovered that she was pregnant. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say when I tell them I am meeting with Heather Patterson, the creator of the award winning Prego Planner and the perfect gift for their friend.

I scan the patio again. Nope, still no Heather. My phone rings. It’s Heather (her manager must’ve been on vacay). Heather tells me that she is running a little late due to a potty accident with her 3 year old.

She arrives. She is standing about 5 foot 4, thin, and looks at least a decade younger than her 30-something years. She is dressed in classic dark wash denim cuffed shorts, a white cap-sleeve fitted blouse and a beautiful pair of red BCBG heels. She wears her new Laura Mercier makeup to cover up the dark circles that surround her eyes from working till the wee morning hours. Her hair, so often cascading in layers below her shoulders, was surprisingly cut short during a recent visit to her usual salon. “It sounded good at the time,” she tells me. “I looked into getting extensions yesterday, the stylist told me they would run about $900. Not worth selling my Whirlpool washer and dryer for.”

Well, needless to say, the interview didn’t go anything like that. Instead, I met with a Life In Chenal journalist by the name of Jesse at my home. I spent the entire day before busting my tail to get this house in perfect order. I brewed coffee, “baked” Danishes (purchased them at the local Fresh Market) and artfully designed a beautiful fruit tray. The interview lasted an hour and Jesse did a great job on the article. Today is my “photo shoot” with a local photographer. I wonder which designers they will bring for me to wear…and who will be the make-up artist…and I’m dying to see what they can do with this silly short hair. Reality: I’ll be wearing white True Religion jeans, turquoise ruffle blouse and Jessica Simpson white heels. Makeup applied by the one and only Me and still not sure what’s going to happen with this hair.


  1. That is so fun! Congratulations on your interview Heather. You will look smokin' in your TR jeans and a turq top...can't wait to see your short hair.

  2. What a great post.I love this you make me smile and giggle . Kudos to you!