Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

We are so blessed. We recently moved into a new home – we LOVE our home and we LOVE our new neighborhood. And with a new neighborhood came a new Postman whose mail delivering skills are slightly lacking. Here is my letter to Mr. Postman…

Dear Mr. Postman,

Would you please “wait a minute Mr. Postman” before proceeding to the next mailbox? It seems as if you have left everyone’s mail in my mailbox except for mine.

I appreciate the mail containing $50 worth of stamps that belong to Mrs. Connor up the street. As a mom who is frequently mailing my children’s latest finger paint masterpieces to grandparents across the country, the stamps will greatly come in handy. And as a tenacious entrepreneur, the stamps will be sure to decrease my marketing expenditures for all my direct mail pieces.

However, I do not appreciate the bills from QVC that belong to Ms. Peterson two streets over. I am a firm believer in giving to others, but I can’t help support someone else’s spending habits – I have one of my own to take care of.

And I thank you for the four month early birthday card I received from Jon and Meredith. How wonderfully nice of them to think of me! (Wait a second! Who is Jon and Meredith?! And where is the money that usually accompanies a birthday card?)

Mr. Postman, I know you have good intentions. I am grateful for the job that you do and I admire your dedication. Come rain or shine, someone is going to receive mail somewhere.
At the same time, I have two children, a husband, a home and a business to run. My only spare moments come around one o’clock in the morning and that is too early in the day to assist you with RE-delivering the mail.

So if at all possible Mr. Postman, let’s try to make sure that Mr. Russell receives his lotto tickets from his relative in Georgia. Though the last scratch-off cards weren’t winners, I’m sure he’s wondering where they are.

The GlaMOMorous Mom

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