Saturday, May 23, 2009

Low Maintenance Pet

We recently discovered a fly loose in our home. As annoying as he (the fly) is, my three year old has found some fascination in him. When my son realized that the fly didn’t stay in one room, he began getting more and more curious about him. Before I knew it, my son was running around from room to room looking for his little pet fly. When he couldn’t find the fly, he would say, “Mommy, I wonder what OUR fly is doing?” He would also ask questions like, “Mommy, where does OUR fly take his nap?” Oh, and, “Mommy, I wonder what OUR fly eats for dinner.”

No. We don’t have a pet Labradoodle or a gerbil, or even a goldfish for that matter…we have a pet FLY!!

Well, I finally got the best of our little fly friend during the kids last nap. Now I can eat, work and sleep peacefully without his annoying “rambling” in my ear and around my head. I just hope my son can eat, play and sleep peacefully not knowing where our fly friend is REALLY taking his nap.

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