Friday, May 15, 2009

The Life of Lilly Grace

Everyone, I would like you to meet Lilly Grace.

Lilly Grace, I would like you to meet everyone.

First let me start by saying that I know she is not a Lilly. I call her Lilly because I like the name (and I thought it was cute to call her Lilly when she wasn’t one). Her middle name Grace comes from the fact that it is through God’s precious grace that she is still alive (that goes for all of us).

Lilly Grace was given to us by my sister-in-law and her family during their recent visit from North Carolina. When they brought her through the door, I thought she was absolutely beautiful! When I found out that Lilly Grace’s life was going to be left in my hands…I felt the weight of the Great Wall of China land on my shoulders.

I don’t have a so-called “green thumb”. I have what you might call a “black thumb of green death”. Which takes me back to a special moment early in our marriage when my husband who, after I unintentionally killed our only plant, lovingly said, “You know, a green thumb is a sexy characteristic for a woman to have.” Hmmmmmmm……and so are long, smooth, cellulite-free legs. But being 5’4” – long legs are out of the question.

So back to the weight of the Great Wall of China…Isn’t it enough that I work seven days a week from 5 am to midnight trying to keep my 3 year old, 8 month old, husband, home and my business alive (oh, and myself)?? Do I need to worry about keeping anything else alive? Especially when plants are pickier eaters than my children – not too much water, not too little – not too much sunlight, not too little…and so on.

So out of honest curiosity, I asked my mother-in-law (who was also visiting from North Carolina) just how much Lilly Grace would need to be watered. She mentioned that her thirst levels would peak at every 2-3 days. And my sweet mother-in-law must have began planning Lilly Grace’s funeral when I said, “Okay, I will have to set a reminder on my Blackberry.” And I meant it honestly.

Though I made a conscious effort to keep Lilly Grace alive, she slowly began to pass away. Her pretty pink petals fell to the ground, the little white flowers that blushed her cheeks slowly died off and her green turned to brown. Lilly Grace was no longer with us. BUT THEN, by the precious grace of God, Lilly Grace was given life again. Her cheeks regained their color (if you call “white” a color) and one pretty pink flower has already bloomed (as you see in the picture). Welcome back Lilly Grace!

I’m now on a mission! Please continue to follow “Project Keep Lilly Grace Alive” here on the GlaMOMorous World blog.

Okay, the smell of poopy diaper has overcome my office and if that isn’t a reason to sign off…I don’t know what is ;o)

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