Friday, May 22, 2009

It's All About You

If you are a mom, you know what I mean when I say, “The moment your baby is born, the world is no longer about you.” (Though I’m sure my husband would beg to differ.) But I have to admit, the rare moments when it does become “all about you” are fabulous!

As you know, Wednesday was my “super model photo shoot” for the Life In Chenal magazine and my family and I had a blast! The photographer arrived and we began shooting in my home office with the kids climbing all over me as well as my desk. This, by the way, didn’t have to be staged. That is the norm. Like right now for instance, my three year old is climbing in the back of my chair screaming in my ear, “I need a drinky, mommy. I need a drinky, mommy. I need a …..” (you get the point).

After the office shots, we went outside to take some family shots in the backyard. The family photos were followed by shots of me with my Prego Planners. (The whole time I felt like we needed to have loud “Drop It Like It’s Hawt” music playing in the background with fans blowing my hair. Well, let’s forego the fans – it was hard enough to get my short hair in a presentable position as it was.) After that we went inside to get some shots of me on my laptop sitting on the couch. However, that’s not usually how it works. A) I’m never sitting on the couch…I’m never actually sitting anywhere. B) When I’m on the laptop, I’m usually standing up in the kitchen getting a “drinky” or fixing a bottle or preparing the kids lunch.

As I was eagerly waiting for the photographer to announce that it was time for a wardrobe change, he instead announced that they had gotten the shots they needed. My time in the spotlight had come to an end.

After it was over, I told my husband, “There are moments in a woman’s life when she feels beautiful – like on her wedding day for instance. There are moments when a woman feels “Meg Ryanish”, and today was one of those days for me.”

Thinking back, it could have all been due to the fact that it was a complete change from the norm for me. I actually had on “presentable” clothing and not my usual gym clothes. I was wearing a full face of make-up compared to my usual single layer tinted moisturizer. Oh, and most importantly (and if you’re a mom, you will understand), I had a shower!!!

But now, as I write this (sitting in my pajamas while my kids are bathed and dressed), it’s BEING a mom that should make me feel beautiful everyday. With each day that passes, I gain more knowledge. The knowledge I obtain could be straight from the Bible or straight from a Diego cartoon that I shared with my son, but I’m learning everyday. (If you don’t know this already, Diego can teach you a ton about animals. He’s incredibly smart for such a little guy.) I’m also more centered, more grounded and I know what really matters in life. And don’t let me fail to mention the most amazing husband that I have been blessed with. He goes out of his way to make me feel special, needed and loved everyday. THAT, will make a woman feel beautiful!

I pray that each and every one of you reading this blog feels beautiful today. Not only today, but everyday!

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